Apex Legends Players Want To See Call of Duty’s Gun Game Mode Added

Apex Legends fans are requesting that Respawn and EA add a new limited-time game mode based on Call of Duty’s popular Gun Game.

As one of the most popular battle royales in gaming, Apex Legends has often seen its legions of passionate fans looking for new ways to spice up the character-based shooter. This ranges from suggestions for character changes and balance fixes to some players theorycrafting different limited-time game modes. Many fans have often looked to other popular shooters like Call of Duty and Fortnite for inspiration, with one recent idea catching steam among the game’s community.


Much like many of its contemporaries, Apex Legends often features a variety of different limited time game modes that bring a unique twist to the game’s high-flying action. Between Locked and Loaded allowing players to start with weapons and armor, and recent rumors surrounding a potential objective-based game mode similar to Call of Duty‘s Domination, Respawn has actively looked for new ways to keep its massive player base engaged. Now, many fans of the popular battle royale title are asking for Apex to draw inspiration from Call of Duty‘s classic Gun Game mode.

The call for Apex Legends to add a game mode inspired by Call of Duty‘s Gun Game was highlighted through a recent post on the Apex Legends subreddit, detailing a selection of guns the mode could feature. Much like in Call of Duty, Reddit user christuhfurr’s version of the mode would feature players cycling through a list of 20 weapons, starting from the P2020 all the way to the Mozambique, with gamers looking to be the first to score a kill with all 20 guns. The post suggested that the rotation of guns would be a good fit with Apex Legends‘ 3v3 Arenas mode.

The post saw significant positive reception from the Apex Legends community, with many fans supportive of the idea and some making suggestions, such as rearranging the order of the guns within the rotation or making the mode playable outside of Apex‘s usual team-based format. Others suggested ideas like making Apex‘s shields function differently, working in reverse and progressively increasing the difficulty as players work through their guns, or disabling Legend abilities to even the playing field.

As Apex Legends nears the conclusion of its eleventh competitive season, Respawn has already given fans plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of Apex moving into Season 12. EA recently announced that the battle royale game will be giving away free characters to Apex Legends players for three weeks in February, with fan-favorites like Octane and Valkyrie included, as well as revealing the long-awaited Mad Maggie as Apex‘s newest Legend. With new game modes rumored and free characters to come, Apex Legends will look to kick off Season 12 with a bang on February 8.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Android and iOS versions are in development.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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