Apex Legends Players Discover Infinite Grapple Trick for Pathfinder

While it’s tough to master, a new infinite grapple trick makes Apex Legends’ Pathfinder a real menace on the battlefield.

People love finding new exploits in Apex Legends. Since its release in 2019 players have been finding new ways to use each legend’s unique abilities to more effectively take out their foes and zip around the environment, something that’s crucial in such a fast-paced game.

Fan favorite rogue robot Pathfinder is one of the most mobile legends in Apex Legends due to his grappling hook ability. It takes a lot of practice but once gamers learn how to correctly time the swing of the grapple they can quickly get vertical distance for sniper spots, or use it to quickly scout areas and make tactical retreats over and around structures. Pathfinder can even grapple enemy players with the grappling hook, and now some players have learned that there’s a way to truly dominate people using this ability.


To do this Pathfinder has to grapple an enemy and then twist 45 degrees to the right or the left. If he times this correctly, and keep pulling back against the normal grapple movement, it’s possible to string an enemy along way longer than usual, potentially forever if the timing is done right. It seems simple, but it’s a really difficult trick to master, mostly because enemies won’t just sit around and let someone try to perfect the infinite grapple. Anyone wishing to attempt this trick might want to practice it in the Firing Range, another Apex Legends level that’s been prone to exploits.

Another exploit was found if a player grapples an enemy behind a wall. This can pull the enemy into the wall, which triggers their slow climbing animation, making them an easy target for Pathfinder. Pathfinder can even grapple a downed enemy, pulling them out from cover and potentially making their teammates venture into open terrain in order to try and rescue them.

This isn’t the first time players have figured out a neat trick with Pathfinder’s grapple. People have figured out how to use his ability to quickly fly around with a super grapple, or a much-extended zipline ultimate ability.

Since this is such a difficult trick to master there’s no word on if Respawn Entertainment will remove it from the game, although Respawn has nerfed abilities and characters in the past before. Apex Legends: Defiance, Season 12 of the game, launches February 8th.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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