Apex Legends Leak Reveals Custom Lobby Menus and Settings

Apex Legends’ Season 13 patch notes reveals a new Custom Match system, featuring several changes to the game’s Private Matches.

Throughout Apex Legends‘ three years as one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, the Respawn Entertainment shooter has seen plenty of major upgrades to its competitive side. Season 13’s recently revealed “Ranked Reloaded” update introducing new features like a Rookie Tier for new players jumping into Ranked for the first time and protection from being demoted for the first three games after hitting a new tier. Now, a new update coming to Apex’s matchmaking system. looks to present a new way for players to square off with one another.


With the release of Apex Legends‘ 13th competitive season set to arrive tomorrow, the hero-based battle royale will see plenty of changes. Apex Legends will introduce Newcastle, the brother of pre-existing legend Bangalore, as the game’s newest character, a defensive hero with a portable shield similar to Overwatch‘s Reinhardt. Season 13 will also feature reworks to weapon vaults and the Storm Point map and the new season’s patch notes have officially unveiled the upcoming Custom Match system, allowing players to set up custom team matches.

Patch notes for Apex Legends’ upcoming 13th season, dubbed Saviors, officially reveal the new Custom Match system coming as a replacement to the game’s pre-existing Private Matches. The system will feature several quality-of-life updates to the game’s pre-existing system with improvements to the mode’s UI and design as well as match lobbies automatically saving team names and match settings when exiting a match. The new update will also feature several minor changes including the ability to pre-select viewing targets for Observers, as well as updates to the color palette used within the Observer client.

Despite the updates being included, Respawn made no confirmation in Season 13’s patch notes about whether the new Custom Match system would be publicly available for players or continue to be restricted like its previous iteration. With Apex Legends approaching the highly-anticipated global release of its mobile version in Apex Legends Mobile, the addition of an official tournament mode could bolster the game’s competitive community further and would create easier situations for tournament organizers to feature the massively popular battle royale.

While an openly accessible tournament mode would likely excite many of Apex Legends‘ most competitive players, the game has taken plenty of steps in recent months to improve the overall experience for Apex players. Alongside the litany of changes coming with the Season 13 update, Apex Legends is planning on introducing more PvE elements within the game with the Storm Point overhaul adding a new PvE enemy for squads to battle in the Downed Beast. With quality-of-life updates for Ranked, new characters, and new features coming for competitive players, Apex Legends will look to maintain its success well into the future.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: EA

Source: Gamerant

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