Apex Legends Leak Hints at Possible New Legend Classes Being Added to the Game

Apex Legends is a battle royale with an incredibly diverse roster of playable Legends. However, like Blizzard with Overwatch, Respawn Entertainment has focused its character design into specific core subclasses. Some Apex Legends players believe that these classes may be stifling, with others say Apex Legends‘ current Legend classes feel arbitrary. Now, a prominent Apex Legends leaker claims that Respawn could have plans to alter or expand Legends classes in a way that will ‘shift the meta’ of the battle royale.


Prominent leaker Thordan Smash discussed Respawn’s plan to add new Legend classes in a future update in one of his recent videos. In it, he explicitly states that new Legend classes, as in multiple classes, are going to be added to the game. However, that’s just a glimpse of Respawn’s overall plans for the future, with new Legends classes being part of a bigger update designed to expand progression and certain design elements overall.

To start, Thodan says that the new Legend classes for Apex Legends won’t necessarily come alongside the release of new Legends. Rather, it’ll revolve around reclassifying the current roster of Legends. That’s not to say that there won’t be some significant changes, however. The reclassification will also allow Respawn to change and diversify some Legends’ passive abilities, which will better align them with their class’ utility.

The broader changes to Apex Legends is where Thordan’s reporting gets a bit sketchy. Where he claims he has a reliable source for the new Legend classes, from there on he’s speculating. He mentions that Apex Legends could expand its level cap up to 500, citing datamined badges with “500” written on them. He also mentions a possible Perk system, noting that Apex Legends Mobile has a Perks system already. He doesn’t say he has his own sources that have verified these additions yet, however.

The idea of a massive progression update featuring a level cap increase to 500, a new Perks system, and reclassification for Legends into new classes is absolutely exciting. It also aligns with hints from Respawn regarding plans it wants to eventually get to. For now, however, the reliability of these leaks is in question.

What’s certain is that Respawn continues to be dedicated to improving Apex Legends season to season and ensuring that players have plenty of content to engage with. What’s also clear is that the current class system in Apex Legends needs improvement. It’s just a matter of time before improvements are made, whether that involves a reclassification update or otherwise.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/X, and mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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