Apex Legends Fan Makes Detailed Replica of Ash’s Ronin Blade

One talented fan of Apex Legends decides to create a replica of the Ronin Blade used by Ash, the Season 11 Legend in the battle royale.

With the release of Season 11 of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has introduced several exciting new additions to the battle royale. From the massive Storm Point map to the CAR SMG, players have many reasons to check out the game. However, perhaps one of the most exciting additions this season for fans was the new Legend Ash.

With roots in Titanfall 2 from 2016, Ash serves as another link connecting the franchises together. As the most recent Legend added to Apex Legends, she brings several new abilities that help keep matches interesting, such as her Phase Breach ultimate. With this ability, she can use her Ronin Blade to slice open a dimensional rift, allowing her team to teleport. Recently, one player decided to recreate the simulacrum’s weapon in real life.


In a post on Reddit, a user known as SobolevCrafts shared a video of a recent project they completed based on Apex Legends. In the video, the Reddit user unveiled a real-life sword that copied the look of the Ronin Blade wielded by the Season 11 Legend Ash. The intricately detailed replica shared many of the same features of the weapon seen in-game. One of the highlights included a realistic paint job that made the handle look wooden while the blade appeared steel. In addition, the artist managed to recreate the symbols on the sides of the weapon. While they admitted that the sword wasn’t retractable, it still contained a detailed button on the handle.

In addition to showing the sword in a video, SobolevCrafts revealed an interesting detail about the creation process. According to the creator, most of the weapon was crafted using plastic. In addition, they commented that they could make more of the replica sword for those interested in purchasing one for themselves.

This new replica of the Ronin Blade created by SobolevCrafts caught the attention of many members of the Apex Legends community on Reddit. With over 5,800 upvotes in only a day, many were impressed with the level of detail on display. One fan commented that they thought the blade was a render at first because of how good it looked. Others jokingly asked whether it could open a portal to another dimension. “Need to try,” the creator said in response.

It’s exciting to see talented fans make stunning creations based on their favorite franchises. With this real-life replica of the Ronin Blade for Ash complete, it will be interesting to see if SobolevCrafts decides to design more items from the game. If they do, there is no shortage of options available, considering the number of heirlooms in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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