Apex Legends Clip Shows Amazing Arc Star Stick

Apex Legends contains a cast of 21 playable Legends that each possess unique abilities. With so many characters included in the game, it should come as no surprise that players often make incredible plays during matches. Recently, one player managed to pull off their own amazing highlight, using an Arc Star in the process.

While sometimes overlooked by players, Apex Legends contains a collection of grenades that can help turn the tide in a hotly-contested skirmish. While the Frag and Thermite grenades are effective in battle, the Arc Star should not be forgotten. Despite receiving nerf a couple of seasons ago, this shuriken-like object can be thrown far distance and can attach to enemy players, causing significant damage.


Taking to Reddit, a user known as xSaltyAFx shared a clip from a recent battle royale match they had on the Storm Point map in Apex Legends. In the video, the player revealed the playmaking potential of Arc Stars. The highlight began with the Reddit user attacking a squad as Pathfinder near the Checkpoint POI. Attempting to gain better positioning, they used their grapple ability and launched themselves high into the air. While this type of move is nothing new for experienced Pathfinder mains, what happened next was anything but ordinary.

While flying through the air, xSaltyAFx caught sight of a Valkyrie player attempting to escape using their Skyward Dive Ultimate. Acting quickly, the Reddit user threw an Arc Star at the fleeing player and managed to stick them just before taking off. They then looked skyward as they saw the grenade detonate on the enemy high above the map. When posting the clip to Reddit, they aptly named it “The Greatest Stick of all time.” Based on the outcome of the video, it is hard to argue against their claim.

Unsurprisingly, this amazing Arc Star stick by xSaltyAFx caught the attention of numerous members of the Apex Legends community on Reddit. Over the last day, this clip has gained more than 6,800 upvotes. Some players commented that the player was so amazed by their Arc Star stick that they forgot to shoot their weapon. “Legit i just sat there to appreciate it,” xSaltyAFx confirmed.

While this clip captured by xSaltyAFx is hard to top, many other gamers have shared their own grenade highlights from the game on Reddit. For example, another player posted a hilarious clip a while back of them sticking a Survelience Drone with an Arc Star only for it to fly towards them and detonate in their face, causing their death in the process. Time will tell what other amazing plays are made by members of the Apex Legends community in the weeks ahead.

Apex Legends is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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