Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Have a Spooky Cauldron Easter Egg

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player discovers villagers have a surprising reaction to the creepy Suspicious Cauldron.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has plenty of content for players to enjoy, but years after its release, fans are still making little discoveries. Things like plants reacting to fans in New Horizons have caught players’ attention in the recent past, and now a new discovery has been made regarding spooky furniture.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons follows the real-world calendar and clock, so it has a wide variety of furniture and decorations to celebrate the year’s major holidays. One of these things is the Suspicious Cauldron, which apparently disturbs the game’s villagers as much as the title implies.


The Suspicious Cauldron provides a nice bit of spooky ambiance to any home, whether it’s the player’s or an ideal getaway built for a villager. While players who enjoy horror or magical aesthetics have likely been pleased with its addition in the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it turns out that villagers have an opinion on the item, too, as discovered by a fan designing a home for Celeste.

Celeste, the star-obsessed Animal Crossing owl, took Redditor Musicfanatic75 by surprise when she suddenly responded to the Suspicious Cauldron. After being placed near it, Celeste’s eyes get big and she appears to enter a trance-like state, waving her wings around and rocking from side to side. Eagle-eyed fans may recognize this as the Haunt reaction, which is typically only seen when Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets creepy for the Halloween holiday.

It seems that villagers respond directly to spooky items like these being placed in homes in the Happy Home Paradise DLC that launched alongside the 2.0 update. The release of this DLC lets players build ideal homes for villagers, with Celeste being one that players can choose from if they have her amiibo. However, for those who can’t call upon Celeste, other users in the comments mentioned seeing similar reactions from other villagers, so it isn’t a unique reaction just for her.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute and surprising easter eggs like these. The attention its developers paid to the little details help the game to feel more alive and continue to charm and impress its players, even when they’ve already put hundreds of hours into the title. While Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen its final major update to the title, there’s still plenty to keep fans occupied, whether they want to build a spooky home for their local villager or build perfect recreations of Stardew Valley and other famous locales.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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