Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Recreates the Study Room from Community

One particular Animal Crossing: New Horizons user pays homage to the TV show Community with a brand new design for their house.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is all about trying to come up with new and interesting builds on their island. One particular fan decided to show off their skills by recreating a well-known setting in a very popular comedy by building out the Community study room in their Animal Crossing: New Horizons house.

Over the years since the Nintendo Switch exclusive was released, New Horizons players have enjoyed showing off their creations. One of the more popular ways to go about building out an island is to pay homage to a favorite show or character such as SpongeBob Squarepants. One particular Reddit user went a slightly different direction and instead of paying tribute to their favorite animated character, they decided to go with a look from one of the more popular comedies that was on television.


Reddit user b3llakat3 posted a screenshot of their Animal Crossing creation that showed a replica of the famous Community study room with quite a bit of detail. On the television show, Troy, Abed, Jeff, Annie, Pierce, Britta, and Shirley often met for what was supposed to be a study session but was usually the launching off point for that episode. All in all, the room was fairly nondescript which was demonstrated in the New Horizons creation thanks to the regular wooden yellow tables, a handful of folding chairs, and a few couches. However, the degree of detail was impressive thanks to the counters, bookshelves, carpeting and the shades on the doors and windows.

animal crossing new horizons community study room f recreation

Officially called “Study Room F” in Community and in the post, it didn’t take long for other Reddit users to catch on to what exactly the New Horizons design was meant to look like. Some users thought it was so realistic and such a good recreation of the room that they were actually on the Community subreddit.

Other users posted a steady stream of their favorite lines and memes from the popular comedy that ran from 2009 to 2015. Other users shared that they had made their own Community recreations including from the episode where they played “the floor is lava.”

If there was anything missing from this particular recreation it’s that none of the actual characters could be seen sitting in Study Room F. Of course, pulling something like that off would have required quite a bit of help from other New Horizons users like the ones who all dressed up like they were characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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