Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Makes Rug Based on Raymond

A devoted Animal Crossing: New Horizons player creates a real-life rug based on popular villager Raymond’s appearance.

While there are certain personality archetypes that each Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager falls under, fans definitely have their favorites. Whether it’s based on character design, personality quirks, or even their catchphrase, island villagers are often either welcomed with open arms or despised until they’re booted off the player’s island.

One of the most popular villagers to premiere with Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Raymond. The smug cat villager topped the list of newcomers shortly after New Horizons‘ release, and its popularity has remained high in the years since.


One fan of Raymond went so far as to painstakingly create a real-world rug based off the villager’s appearance. Redditor abitofabibliophile shared an image of the rug, noting that it was made by the user’s sister. Raymond’s countenance is recreated perfectly, with his usual half-bored expression, heterochromatic eyes, glasses, and pale swirl of fur at the center of his forehead.

Unfortunately, abitofabibliophile hasn’t shared any further information on the rug, so it’s unknown how long this production took to create or what methods were used. It’s a remarkable piece of artwork, though, and yet another example of creativity coming from the massive Animal Crossing fanbase. Players have worked hard to create amazing things both based on Animal Crossing or made within the game itself. The game’s focus on building and customizing one’s island while making friends with the locals seems to encourage players to create impressive fanart.

Of course, the Raymond rug is likely intended to be a decorative piece, rather than one used as an actual floor covering. Most Raymond fans would probably shudder at the idea of purposefully stepping on their favorite’s face, let alone potentially destroying a one-of-a-kind piece of work like this. Though with that being said, Raymond has been traded for huge sums of money in the past, so players with that kind of cash could always commission another one if it were damaged.

Becoming attached to one’s villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has inspired players in big ways in the past. One player worked hard to create clay models of their favorites from Animal Crossing, while another built a tribute rock in New Horizons to acknowledge the villagers who had come and gone from their island paradise. While Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received its last major update already, chances are fans will continue to enjoy the title up until the release of whatever Animal Crossing game comes next.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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