Animal Crossing Fans Want House Exterior Customization Like New Leaf

Some fans of the Animal Crossing franchise are voicing their disappointment with New Horizons’ customization compared to New Leaf.

Despite the wonderfully fun customization that makes Animal Crossing: New Horizons so enjoyable, some fans have been missing the ability to elaborately customize the outside of houses. Adding many unique exteriors to houses was doable in the franchise’s earlier installment Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and a few players are still wishing for the feature to be added to New Horizons to extend its customization possibilities.

With each new installment in a game franchise there are always differences compared to previous titles in a series. Sometimes these differences improve the game for some players while others are left feeling disappointed. There are a variety of pros and cons between New Leaf and New Horizons. From different soundtracks to new or removed features, sometimes these changes will inevitably not sit right with some fans.


A few Animal Crossing fans on Reddit have voiced their opinions on their disappointment in the lack of exterior house customization in New Horizons. A post on the site by ShokaLGBT showed a pictured demonstrating how New Leaf provided players with far more options when it came to making a house as unique as possible. The picture in ShokaLGBT’s post gives a glimpse at just a few of the many decoration possibilities that were available within the game.

Many comments on the post agreed that New Horizons when it comes to the uniqueness of house exteriors. However, other comments have taken opposing stances by stating they thought the outer customization looked ugly or mentioned how they preferred New Leaf and New Horizons not having the exact same aspects. Even with New Horizon’s Happy Home Paradise DLC that allows for more customization options, a few fans of these titles are ultimately upset that the styling varieties aren’t available in the base version of the game. Based on some of the comments on the mentioned post, many players feel that a downgrade like this leaves New Horizons as an inferior addition to the franchise.

Despite these criticisms from some, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a great success. Throughout the years the franchise has grown a large fan base that love the games for their simplicity and ability to provide fans with an incredibly relaxing, low stakes gaming experience. Although there may be some features lacking from New Horizons that can be found in previous titles, the most recent installment still holds the same essence that made many fall in love with these games in the first place.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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