Animal Crossing Fan Makes Nostalgic Discovery in Their Basement


  • An Animal Crossing fan discovered a rare stylus themed around the game in their basement, which is difficult to find due to its limited release.
  • The stylus features Brewster, a popular character from the franchise, and was never officially released in North America.
  • Some styluses from the Animal Crossing lineup, such as Resetti and Champ, are particularly hard to acquire and have become valuable among fans.

An Animal Crossing fan has discovered a stylus themed around the game in their basement. Animal Crossing games have been released on Nintendo platforms since the GameCube, and this find dates back many years.

Since the first Animal Crossing game was released, each installment has had its own community of fans. Animal Crossing games have been released on the GameCube, Nintendo DS and 3DS, WiiU, and Switch. Of these titles, New Horizons has achieved the greatest success after selling over 43 million copies. Alongside each game is a growing line of merchandise that celebrates the series. With earlier entries in the franchise not reaching as big of an audience, some merch has been lost to time. This gamer has made a nostalgic discovery in their house by finding a relic of one of the older titles.


Animal Crossing Fan Makes Impressive Painting of Celeste

An Animal Crossing player shares a beautiful acrylic painting that they created featuring the villager Celeste gazing up at the stars.

Reddit user Sea_Specific845 recently shared an image of their Nintendo DS Animal Crossing stylus. These styluses could feature one of multiple different characters from the franchise like Resetti, Tom Nook, and the protagonist of the Animal Crossing movie. This Reddit user’s stylus features Brewster, the popular Pigeon that works at the cafe called The Roost. The stylus includes the Nintendo DS branding and the game title in Japanese. This lineup of styluses was never officially released in North America, and most fans from the region that have them used eBay to acquire them. Gamers in Asia could buy them before New Leaf‘s release through the website Play Asia and certain retail stores.

Due to its width, this stylus couldn’t be inserted into its port on the Nintendo DS. This resulted in most of them being separate from their corresponding platform and often resulted in the item being lost. While fans can still occasionally find styluses like this Brewster one on eBay, they’ve noted that certain ones are harder to find than others. According to the community, the Animal Crossing Resetti and Champ ones are notably difficult to acquire. Beyond these styluses, Club Nintendo also featured themed merchandise around the same time. This lineup included a Rover polo shirt, a Nintendo 3DS cover, and its own styluses. Not to be confused with the ones adorned with characters, the Club Nintendo styluses simply came in different colors.

Although there are styluses based on the series available online, this lineup is notoriously hard to find due to its limited release. Because Animal Crossing‘s Brewster has become a fan favorite since the character was added to New Horizons, this stylus may have increased in value. This may be further bolstered by the growing cost of retro games.


Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo-exclusive life sim franchise spread across numerous Nintendo consoles. Featuring anthropomorphic villagers, strong customization, and a real-time day cycle, the Animal Crossing series offer unique and varied gameplay.

Source: Gamerant

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