Animal Crossing Fan Makes Brewster’s Coffee in Real Life

One Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan decides to recreate one of the reward items that players can get from special villager Brewster.

When Nintendo first released its life sim title Animal Crossing: New Horizons two years ago, the series’ community was likely very pleased that the company brought back some of the most popular special villagers in the franchise. In the game’s last update, Nintendo brought back one of the most called-for special villagers, The Roost owner and barista Brewster. With Brewster now on the island, fans seem to be loving every interaction with the character, and one such fan even recreated Brewster’s special coffee in real life.


In every Animal Crossing game that Brewster makes an appearance in, the special villager always offers something interesting for the players. In previous games, Brewster is known to offer storage for a player’s collection of Animal Crossing Gyroid figures, a part-time job at The Roost, and even something as simple as a cup of the cafe’s signature coffee. In New Horizons, the game offers another feature, with Brewster giving players special decorative items after they have made a certain number of visits to his cafe.

On Reddit, user Gen_Peeps posted a photo of the real-life version of Brewster’s coffee that they had produced. In the image, a cup of coffee can be seen in front of a bag of coffee beans and a carafe of milk. Fans of the game will likely recognize the packaging of the coffee bean bags as it looks very similar to Brewster’s reward items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The milk carafe is also quite interesting, as the jar decals seem to have pigeon-shaped outlines. This is likely a reference to Brewster’s constant offerings of adding pigeon milk to a player’s coffee drink while they are at the cafe.

Fellow Redditors seem to be quite amused at Gen_Peeps’ photo, with some commenting that there is no polite way to decline Brewster’s pigeon milk offer. This led to discussions about the origin of pigeon milk, given that Brewster is categorized as a pigeon villager. One comment also asked how the artist was able to make the packaging so accurate, and Gen_Peeps shared that they created the design using an Adobe program and had the stickers printed out for the coffee bean bag.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Brewster gives players a total of seven exclusive The Roost items, and the bag of coffee beans is just one of them. The community seems to have a penchant for recreating Brewster’s special items, particularly the Roost Sable Cookie and the Gyroid fashioned after the special villager himself. Hopefully more of these Brewster-themed recreations will be produced by the fans in the future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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