Amouranth Says She’s Going to Make a Full Rap Album

Twitch streamer Amouranth’s first music video is doing well, and she says that if it reaches one million views, she’ll make a full rap album.

Twitch streaming has proven to be an incredibly lucrative source of income for those who have the skill and luck to make it big. One of the biggest modern Twitch streamers is Amouranth, who took the crown of top female Twitch streamer for 2021. Amouranth has made a variety of types of content over the years, but she’s recently made a foray into music – and if her first rap video does well, she says she’ll make a full rap album to go with it.

Some Twitch streamers prefer to focus entirely on their streaming careers, but Amouranth isn’t one of them. She has made a number of investments with her money, including buying a gas station and a 7-Eleven location. It may not be a surprise to hear that she’s already considering a new way to expand her portfolio.


Recently, Amouranth starred in her first-ever music video, “Down Bad,” which features vocals and lyrics by the streamer herself. In the video, Amouranth is shown hanging out in a 7-Eleven, playing in her hot tub, and lounging around on beds, all while denouncing her haters. The video also features cameos from other streamers like Ludwig, H3’s Ethan Klein, and Anthony Padilla. While it was apparently intended as more of a joke than anything else, a warm fan reception has led Amouranth to declare that she’ll make a full rap album if the “Down Bad” music video reaches one million views.

“Down Bad” may have been a satirical take on Amouranth’s many critics, but according to a recent video titled “I’M MAKING AN ALBUM??? | Reacting to Comments on my Music Video,” the possible full rap album would be a more serious venture. According to Amouranth, she would put in a real effort and create a big-budget project. She’d also bring in professionals to make sure her album had professional production values.

As of writing, her “Down Bad” video has about 576,033 views on YouTube, which puts her about halfway to her goal. If Amouranth is successful in gaining one million views and her full album goes on to do well, it could attract a new audience to her work. Some have argued that streamers are a new breed of celebrity, and this could catapult Amouranth to even greater stardom. However, if the music video fails to reach its goal, that could indicate that the line between Twitch streamer and mainstream celebrity isn’t so easily crossed.

Source: Gamerant

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