Amouranth Reveals How Her Conservative Parents Reacted to Her Content

Twitch streamer Amouranth talks about how her conservative parents have reacted to the kind of content she makes to earn money online.

Amouranth is one of the top stars on Twitch, and is in fact the most-viewed female Twitch streamer for 2021. Twitch viewers watched Amouranth’s streams for 38.34 million combined hours in 2021, and it doesn’t seem like her momentum is slowing down anytime soon. Amouranth’s incredible success has drawn the attention of mainstream media, with Vice recently interviewing the popular Twitch star.

In the Vice interview, the topic of Amouranth’s parents came up and how they reacted to what she does for a living. For those who don’t follow Amouranth’s work, her Twitch streams are generally known to be suggestive in nature, often pushing the envelope for what’s allowed on the streaming platform. For example, Amouranth’s ASMR streams were enough to get her temporarily banned from Twitch, and there have been a number of other incidents that have also had her account banned over the years as well.


Amouranth also makes adult content on various platforms, and as one might imagine, her parents weren’t thrilled about the work she was doing. Amouranth clarified that her parents “are very conservative,” but that she does not remember exactly what they said when they first found out about what she was doing online to make money. Amouranth added that once her parents found out how much money she was making from her online work that her parents “kinda felt a lot better. It’s weird how that does that to people.”

twitch amouranth

It’s no secret that Amouranth has made a ridiculous amount of money from Twitch streaming. The Twitch data leak from earlier in 2021 confirmed what many already knew, that Amouranth has made millions from Twitch streaming alone, which combined with her other ventures, makes her incredibly well off.

Amouranth hasn’t been blowing all the money she’s earned from Twitch and elsewhere, instead choosing to invest it in real estate like 7-Eleven gas stations and buying stock. To celebrate her birthday, Amouranth purchased $1 million of Visa stock for herself. Needless to say, Amouranth has enough money that she doesn’t have to keep working, but she’s said that her plan is to keep Twitch streaming and the like until her passive income and investments start bringing in more money.

Amouranth has been open about her retirement plans as well, with hopes to one day open up an animal shelter that wouldn’t need to rely on donations to stay open. For now, though, fans can continue watching Amouranth’s Twitch streams.

Source: Vice (via Dexerto)

Source: Gamerant

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