Among Us Announces Its Biggest Collaboration Yet


  • Among Us has launched a collaboration with seven indie games, allowing players to earn rewards by completing a new track.
  • The collaboration includes popular indie games such as A Hat In Time, Alien Hominid, and Undertale.
  • Players can unlock and progress through a reward pass to earn cosmetic items related to the indie games.

The largest collaboration in Among Us has gone live, which features rewards from seven indie games that players can earn by completing a new Cosmicube track. The games that have collaborated with Among Us for this ambitious event are A Hat In Time, Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, Celeste, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Undertale, and Untitled Goose Game.

This indie game collaboration arrived over a month after Among Us released The Fungle on October 24. As the newest map for players to enjoy, The Fungle is home to various objectives for crewmates to complete and plenty of opportunities for the impostors to sabotage and take out each crew member while covering their tracks. With mushrooms that can obscure the vision of all nearby players, and the mushroom mix-up that can further confuse all crew members trying to rat out an imposter, The Fungle map is a breath of fresh air for Innersloth’s hit title.


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However, Among Us is not the only indie darling that is in the spotlight. From now until February 28, 2024, the Indie Cosmicube is available for Among Us players to unlock via in-game currency, as part of its November 28 game update. For just 7,000 Beans, which can be earned by playing the game online, players can unlock and progress through a new reward pass that will grant cosmetic items. The item includes references to the indie games A Hat In Time, Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, Celeste, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Undertale, and Untitled Goose Game. According to Innersloth’s blog post, there are 25 hats, 18 skins, 12 nameplates, 9 visors, and 6 pets for players to earn from the Indie Cosmicube reward pass.

This means, as an example, that Among Us players can now don Sans’ blue hoodie, wear Madeline’s red hair as a hat, and have a honking goose follow them around during a match. In addition to Indie Cosmicube, the November 28 update for Among Us deprecated support for the 2021 game client in order to streamline development. Other than that, the update fixed some bugs in The Fungle map, including some fixes to the mushroom mixup and to the campfire and zipline sound effects. Further fixes were made to the game’s quick chat and the shapeshifter role, and a black screen bug that occurred on the lobby screen was addressed.

With each featured Indie title having a strong following on Twitch and social media, the latest collaboration in Among Us is among the largest to date. Only time will tell what Innersloth’s plans are for 2024.

Among Us Patch Notes (November 28, 2023)

  • [The Fungle] – Mushroom Mixup sabotage now randomizes skins.
  • [The Fungle] – Some layering and animations have been fixed.
  • [The Fungle] – You can now kill the Dummy that spawns in the kitchen.
  • [The Fungle] – The Zipline SFX no longer plays continuously if a Crewmate is on it when a meeting is called.
  • [The Fungle] – Campfire SFX no longer plays during the intro sequence.
  • [The Fungle] – The label for the Dock shows up on the map now.
  • [The Fungle] – The orange fish catch rate is now in line with the other fish.
  • [The Fungle and Mira HQ] – Aim crosshair is back for the ‘Water Plants’ task when using a controller.
  • [All Maps] – Quick Chat phrases that were listed incorrectly as Sabotages have been corrected.
  • [All Platforms] – Shapeshifters won’t lose functionality when double tapping the ‘Use’ button when they start to shapeshift.
  • Improvements for the black screen lobby bug – some users should no longer experience this error. A new error message will pop up if it does occur.
  • Various smaller fixes.

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