Amazon Prime Gaming Giving Away Free World of Warcraft Cosmetics Every Month for a Year

Amazon Prime recently revealed its plans to give away World of Warcraft loot every month for the next year via Prime Gaming. While fans don’t know what World of Warcraft items will be given away on Prime Gaming yet, they can look forward to a lot of free stuff soon.

Recently, Prime Gaming began a promotion with World of Warcraft to give away the Big Battle Bear mount for free to players with Amazon Prime. This rare mount was previously only available through the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, but can now be claimed for free. Players can get this mount via Prime Gaming with a subscription or free trial through April 27.


However, Amazon quietly revealed the Big Battle Bear was only the first of many free World of Warcraft cosmetics coming through Prime Gaming. When it revealed this giveaway via the official Prime Gaming Twitter, it mentioned more items would be coming every month for the next year. This exciting news could mean more free mounts, pets, toys, or other transmog items like World of Warcraft’s last Prime Gaming giveaway.

Strangely, this Twitter post is the only place where this upcoming year of Prime Gaming goodies is mentioned. This promotion is not listed on World of Warcraft’s post of the Big Battle Bear giveaway, nor is it found anywhere on the Prime Gaming webpage. This means details on the promotion, such as dates and items, are likely not yet finalized. Players will hopefully hear more about this incoming promotion soon–perhaps closer to the end of the Big Battle Bear promo.

Players can expect many of these incoming rewards to be from the World of Warcraft TCG. Many recent promotions, from the infamous World of Warcraft Feldrake mount to the recent D.I.S.C.O toy given away through Twitch Drops, have been repurposed from the TCG. If players are lucky, they might get the chance to claim rare, highly-desired TCG-exclusive mounts like the Swift Spectral Tiger or the Magic Rooster.

Besides former TCG rewards, World of Warcraft could also give away old items from the in-game shop. Retired items like the Armored Bloodwing or Moonkin Egg would make great giveaways, as would old promotional rewards like the Primal Flamesaber or Tyrael’s Charger and old Recruit a Friend items like the Cindermane Charger or Emerald Hippogryph. Hopefully, players will eventually be able to obtain these World of Warcraft items through Twitch Drops, Prime Gaming, or other free giveaways in the future.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

Source: Gamerant

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