Action-RPG Showa American Story Revealed

Action-RPG Showa American Story has players embody a teenage girl in a post-apocalyptic journey across a Japanese-style United States.

Publisher 2P games and indie developer NEKCOM Games have been teasing fans with a new project since last year, with the first footage of a new game being unveiled late last year under the name Project SAS. It showed off a setting where Japan has taken the US, where parts of Japan’s culture have now been fully integrated into the country. It ended on a brief shot of a motorbike, along with the boot of the playable character. Today, the developers revealed its brand-new indie game, known as Showa American Story along with a full reveal trailer.


The trailer gives more details about Showa American Story, such as how the United States became an unofficial colony known as Showa 66, where it was bought out thanks to Japan’s strong economic power. This resulted in Japanese culture being fully engrained within America, with both becoming an amalgamation that citizens grew accustomed to. It isn’t long until a catastrophic event completely changes the world, with a young teenage girl named Choko being revived from the dead. From there, she has to travel across this world while fighting off zombies, monsters, and human survivors of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Showa American Story advertises itself as an action RPG that is a love letter to 80s pop culture and that also takes inspiration from B-Movies. This is especially prominent in the trailer, where a peppy 80s era pop song is playing, showcasing the various American environments and locales that have been transformed by Japanese culture. This light-hearted mood continues, even through the game’s showcase of the bloody combat.

Players of Showa American Story will embody the role of Choko, where she uses a variety of powerful weapons to fight in a free-flowing and brutal combat style to kill swarms of zombies, monsters, and more. She will also have a variety of firearms at her disposal to take these enemies down, such as a shotgun and machine gun. Choko will also be exploring the world with a variety of methods such as with a motorbike that can also damage enemies.

Along the way, she will meet with a variety of allies and enemies alike, such as “The Warriors” who are gangsters surviving in this wasteland, to a yakuza family known as the Shibata Family. While she is not fighting for her life, players can have Choko relax and participate in a variety of activities within her RV, where it can be used to upgrade her abilities or play some mini-games. Fans of zombie games like Dead Rising or Lollipop Chainsaw might want to keep an eye on this, as Showa American Story is very similar in premise and tone.

Showa American Story is now in development for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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