Abandoned GTA Online Helicopter Kills Bounty Target

GTA Online is a chaotic game, with players constantly starting fights with one another. Seeing someone running around the map with a bounty isn’t uncommon, as bounties can be placed on players by either NPCs or gamers alike. They typically serve as a form of revenge, encouraging fellow players to kill the target.

There’s plenty of ways to take out a bounty, as GTA Online has numerous weapons and weaponized vehicles, but bounties don’t get taken out of commission like this everyday. One player was minding their own business when their abandoned helicopter took out a bounty.


Reddit user curdington shared a GTA Online gameplay clip of the event. The clip begins after curdington has already hopped out of their helicopter and is plummeting to the ground. They successfully trigger their parachute and begin descending safely to the ground, and if one looks carefully, they can see the icon of their helicopter on the map gradually moving towards a bounty target, indicated by the red skull. Just as the two icons overlap, curdington receives multiple notifications, indicating that the bounty target was killed, curdington’s helicopter was destroyed, and that they’ve received the $1000 bounty attached to the target.

Targeting a player on the ground and purposefully trying to crash into them with a helicopter or another flying vehicle isn’t the easiest thing, even when a skilled player is in the pilot’s seat. Purposefully trying to drop a pilotless helicopter on someone would be extremely difficult, since the helicopter goes out of control the moment it’s abandoned, and the player’s movements may be erratic, yet here it happened by total accident. Unfortunately, a video of the bounty target coming face-to-face with the helicopter isn’t available. It must have been quite a shock for them to suddenly find themselves crushed or exploded by a helicopter plummeting to the ground.

In the end, the bounty on the target was small enough that it’s very likely that the player would have survived until it expired, but this freak accident occurred instead. Those in the comments seemed impressed and surprised that this happened given the odds of it, with one comparing it to GTA Online‘s orbital strikes. It’s a moment worthy of an achievement.

There are plenty of potential risks to a player’s well-being in San Andreas, but those enjoying the game may want to keep an eye on the skies above them, just in case one of GTA Online‘s helicopters comes crashing down in their vicinity.

GTA Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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