343 Investigating Halo Infinite Achievement Issues

Halo Infinite’s campaign launch has been relatively smooth save for one issue causing achievements to not unlock properly, luckily 343 has responded.

343 Industries has launched Halo Infinite‘s highly anticipated campaign and, aside from issues revolving around the game’s lack of pre-load options before release, it’s been a relatively smooth launch. One issue that many fans have experienced when playing the game, however, revolves around some buggy achievements that aren’t going off after completing their requirements.

Luckily for anyone playing Halo Infinite with hopes that it might also give a hearty boost to their gamerscore, 343 Industries has addressed the issue via the official Halo Support Twitter account. The account acknowledged the reports of bugs with the game’s achievements and reassures fans that, although some achievements are unlocking on a “slight delay,” that the achievements will pop eventually and be added to the players’ collections.


Three hours after the account’s first tweet addressing the issue, it followed up saying that the issue still isn’t resolved, but that 343 Industries is continuing to investigate the problem and that the account will provide updates when more information is available. At the current time of writing, there aren’t any subsequent updates about the issue, so fans will need to continue being patient while the issue is resolved.

Commenters on both tweets have cited several achievement issues: some say that they’re experiencing a delay between meeting the requirements and actually getting the achievement, like the tweets address, while others cite issues with achievements popping off at all. 343 reassures, however, that if a player has met the requirements for an achievement in Halo Infinite, they’ll be getting it at some point down the road, hopefully, within the next few days as a fix is worked on.

It might end up taking 343 a little bit of time to solve the issue as Halo Infinite‘s achievement list is pretty lengthy, boasting 119 total unlockables. If the problem spawns from individual achievements and not with achievement unlocks for Halo Infinite as a whole, then the team will need to be going through the entire list to troubleshoot which could take quite some time.

While it doesn’t currently provide any fixes for the achievement issues, the Halo Support Twitter account does link to the handful of other known issues present in Halo Infinite‘s campaign along with several workarounds for anyone experiencing them. So far, the list is relatively short, however, as more players spend time with the game over the weekend, there are likely going to be more issues found within it.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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