12 Year Old Jumping Castle Victim Has RDR2, Other Games at Funeral

On December 16, several children were injured or killed in a freak accident at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport, Tasmania, in Australia. The school and its students were celebrating the last day of the school term with a jumping castle, inflatable Zorba balls, and water activities. In a freak accident, a strong gust of wind also described as a “freak mini-tornado” flung the jumping castle 10 meters/crudely 32 feet into the sky, injuring and killing the children who were on it.


One victim, 12-year old Zane Mellor also known as Jurassic Zane in his gaming circles, is known as a dedicated gamer. The week following this terrible accident, Mellor received a funeral of hundreds of friends and relatives at Mersey Gardens Chapel, where a Fortnite poem was read in his memory, where his casket was decorated in controllers, and an image of his favorite game, Red Dead Redemption 2, stood in his honor. Please consider donating to Mellor’s family on GoFundMe HERE.

One eulogist read a viral poem about Fortnite that first appeared online about three years ago. The whole poem can be seen in the service pamphlet below, but the poem describes how friends got together to game—to “join the fight…stay up all day and night.” It discusses building as ways to face adversity and comradery among players, no matter their particular Fortnite skin, and ends with “for those who know, there’s no better delight, than the sweet satisfaction of winning Fortnite.”

zane mellor pamphlet

Beyond the Red Dead Redemption 2 image, Mellor’s mother Georgia Gardam read an endearing and heartbreaking tribute for her son, ending with “I love you, Zaney. No matter what the weather, we’re together.” This is derived from a Red Dead Redemption 2 quote of sorts, from a song that played during the “No Matter The Weather” mission that sees John and Uncle build the house together.

red dead redemption 2 zane

The unfortunate tragedy and death of Mellor and his classmates is one that evokes a loss for words, but the gaming community has always been able to come together in support. The details of Mellor’s death and his funeral have spread online, with many expressing their pain and admiration for the young boy. Already, a GoFundMe to support Mellor’s family has been created, with 276 donations raising a total of $23,168 AUD in 7 days—just short of the $25,000 goal. Please consider donating HERE.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Mellor’s friends and family, as well as to all of the friends and families impacted by this tragedy.

Source: Daily Mail, The Sun

Source: Gamerant

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