Gamer Girls Radio was born 2005 on now defunct website Gameshout.com, later moving to Gameinatrix.com (domain currently being held hostage by a dirty disgusting domain squatter). The show debuted with original hosts Batgirl (Kristen Reilly), Danger Doll (Brandee Adams) and Gameinatrix (Cori Myers). Producers Captain Maverick and Sexy Josh, acted as showrunners and booking agents, garnering interviews with gamers and celebs such as William Shatner, 50 Cent and Adam Sessler. The show is currently hosted by Gameinatrix, Gingir “mutha Rocks and Master Blaster. GGR provides colorful commentary on tech and gaming news and whatever we feel like talking or arguing about that week. You can occasionally catch us streaming our favorite game, but really who wants to watch when you can play? We’ll leave the streaming mostly to the industry newbies while we sit in judgement on their gaming prowess atop our lofty thrones (yes we are official gaming royalty, just ask us).




CES Stand Outs

January 28, 2021

Virtual Conventions

February 4, 2021

Mobile Games Are the future?

February 11, 2021